Alberto Ungaro  1917 - 1968
Sue Graham Ungaro 1930 - 2022
Birth certificate of Alberto *Note: Clerical mistake on the certificate, his mother's name is actually spelled GRONDONA  not GRANDONA, misspelled

Alberto in his studio - Rome
Susanna in Alberto's studio with one of his sculptures

nel giardino

Rumianca - Nel Mondo Exhibit

Sue Ungaro and Alberto at his lunette artwork above - the birthplace of St. Francis in Assisi   1955
Sue in Assisi with grandsons  1984
steps leading to the manger (birthplace) of St. Francis
photo Robert Graham

Sue & Alberto's apartment

Sue with Susanna

Alberto with his mother Regina Grondona and nephews Carlo and Franco in Rome  1950

Alberto's nephews Franco, Carlo, Paulo, Mario 

Alberto's brothers: Mario and Lina, Adreano and Adele, Aldo and Luisa

Sue's brother Richard and Nancy Graham - Sue and Alberto

1958 Venice before our voyage by cargo ship to the United States

Alberto's studio

Alberto's studio

Lago di Castel Gandolfo a vacation spot outside of Rome where the Pope has a home. Alberto and his brothers would swim here as boys

Piazza Navona - their wedding day

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